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Enterprise Security using JBoss Seam

Security is a key attribute of most enterprise level software applications undoubtedly any vulnerabilities and loss of sensitive data can be costly. Security can be breached in in many ways – unauthorized users may access your application’s data; someone may intercept a message being transmitted between two users; or hackers may expose vulnerabilities in your network or application server, giving them access to run commands on your operating system.

The two main aspects to security are securing access to information inside of your application and securing access to the environment in which your application runs. Hackers could go through your application to access information or execute malicious code, or they could access the OS on which your application runs. Security must be put into place to protect both application data and the environment in which your applications are running.

Authentication, authorization and secure communication are fundamental aspects of application security. Another security concern in application security is the capability to track and monitor user operations for accountability and auditing purpose. Security auditing is a large topic and isn’t covered in this article.